My muse is now a child, and you are responsible for them until they are back to normal. How does your muse handle this?

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"Hello! Nice to meet you! I hope we can get along!"

…Best to default to being pretend-Ryoh around new people, for now. Especially people who looked like the vessel.


"…Oh! Hello there, sir. I hope so too! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Ryoh Bakura."

"It’s very, very nice to meet you Ryoh!" Yugi stuck his hand out to shake, a large grin on his face. "I don’t suppose you like games, then? I’m always up to play a game!"

"It’s nice to meet you too. …How’d you know?" He smiled pleasantly—an expression foreign on his normal face, but natural on this one. A social smile. He shook the man’s hand. "What sort of games do you like?"

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Yes plz

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((Cageymun do you wanna start a crying about bakurae club

all the other bakura muns can join too


[[I am down for that ;A;]]

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A surprisingly accurate answer.

Describe my muse in one word.

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Send me a song that reminds you of my muse!!






Not used to bein’ in a human? Would you like to be~? *snorts, laughs loud* I’ve only had one tonight! Shhhhhhhhh!

*He shrugs unsteadily* I gotta be in this body fer…the job. And I think I liked bein’ alive… *he blows his bangs out of his eyes* I get shot enough nowadays I wouldn’t be alive fer long if I ever started… *he smiled tipsily* Yeah, you in… inherited landlord’s lightweight? Sucks…

Not whaat I was askin’! Well, you too? You pro’ly had less than I did! Haha!

Yeh… *he made a face* What’dja mean then? *He paused, obviously going over the conversation in his head. Then he doubled over laughing* You asking what I think?!