Seemed that the other knew how closely he was watching. Damn. That and the sudden avoidance of the question made him curious. Was he hiding something? Or did he just not want to admit that his Zorc was dead?

"I already answered a question of yours. Is Zorc with you, or not?" Tact was appropriate sometimes, but Bakura didn’t think it was necessary here.

Bakura’s bared his teeth, fingers curling into jagged hooks as he did so, “Zorc is with me - I’ve gathered most of the items,” The last was not entirely true since the failure that was Battle City. Nevertheless, possession of millennium items was a potent threat, and it was on his tongue swifter than he could think. Instinctual lying ran deep in him; his mind offering stories and explanations up to him, and he seizing them before registering if he’d need them.

He thought - in this case - he needed the lie.

"Who is we then?" Bakura snapped, "Are you working with Ishtar still?" His snarl widened into a delighted grin, "Wait until that brother of his takes a nap; it’s delightful.”

He nodded. The answer was satisfactory. He didn’t care about the other’s progress on the Items as much as he cared whether Zorc was still alive in this copy’s universe. “Good.”

But the man’s attitude made him wary. “That’s none of your business.” Bakura had indeed allied with Ishtar for a while, but not at Battle City—Bakura had only recently even found out about Duel Monsters. He had met copies of Marik—and his darkness—on his own. “By we, I just meant Zorc and I.”



∫ —

"Maybe. . games was the wrong word."

He replied with a bashful grin, as he quickly noticed what he had done and let go the next minute, opening the door to his just-as-small-room, the hallway light being the first to lead as it flooded the darkened room with light. But it wasn’t hard to miss because as soon as the artificial light hit it, it shone brightly, the gold glimmered like the sun making it impossible to miss. His pride and joy, something that had taken him, almost forever to make.

Switching on the lights, he walked over to the golden box before turning around to show Bakura.



He couldn’t help it. His breath caught in his throat.

"W-what is it?" he asked unsteadily. How much ignorance should he feign? There was no way he could just grab the thing and run. For one thing, it seemed to not even be a completed Puzzle yet. For another, he’d already decided to let the vessel live untouched until the other pieces had fallen into place, so to say.

But still, he had sticky fingers. He reached out almost shakily to touch it before he suddenly drew back his hand.

"…It’s a very nice box," he complimented once he found his voice.


"Yeah, sure. It’s a nice box and everything but . . I’ve been trying to eight years to solve it. . And nothing yet." He sighed, setting the golden box back on the wooden table. "It’s harder than you might think, really. It’s suppose to be some kind of puzzle but, I’m not sure how to make it. . " His tone hushed, "And there is suppose to be some kind of magic attached to it. .  Whoever solves it, is suppose to get some type of wish. ."


"Really!" he said, sounding impressed. He would bet money that no such wish came with unleashing the power of the Millennium Items or the king trapped therein, but if it made the vessel put the thing together more quickly, Bakura was in favor of the lie. "Eight years is a long time. Do you think you’re getting close?"

He did let himself get a little closer to the box to peer at it.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand—
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep—while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
excerpt from Poe
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Just bloody confused. Carry on you old bugger.

I’ve always been the Spirit of the Ring. I just don’t strictly need to possess My landlord to have a body of My own, that’s all.

Yami Bakura and his really bad jokes



——- referencing this post


You hit the nail on the bloody head!

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What... What... When did you turn into my Season 0 Yami?


Season what?

Normally I look like the Thief King because I use a ghostly body made for Me by Zorc. However, for once I needed to use My host’s body. It wasn’t that hard to get the Ring around his neck and possess him once again.

by おおの

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[Whispers in ear] I want to do the dirtiest things to you. {pass on to the first 10 blogs on your dash and see their reaction, if you want to.. no biggy if you dont}








"Suspicious? Cicero? Now what makes you say something like that?" He pouted, crossing his arms petulantly.


He didn’t even bother answering that one. He just leveled the man with a you’re-shitting-me stare.

"What? What’s with that face?" He scowled, hands coming up to force a smile on the other’s face, "such harsh looks can get stuck if you are not careful!"

He bit at Cicero’s hands, swearing under his breath. He didn’t like being touched so freely. “The hell is wrong with you?!”

"Cicero is a madman! There is much wrong with him," he giggled, piling his hands away lest the fingers end up somewhat shorter, "to which do you refer?"

"Your lack of boundaries, for one thing.” The glower was still on his face despite Cicero’s attempts.